A charming small “European” chime has been provided for an historic country church in Tasmania.

As part of a long-term restoration project there by local stonemasons a new three-position turret was built recently (an earlier, similar, turret having been destroyed in a storm).  Into this new turret have been placed three small bells of weights 40, 28, and 20 kg (musical notes C, D, E).  The bells are supported from stainless steel crossheads and each has an internally mounted electric chiming hammer.

Ten short tunes (gleaned from an old French bellringer's manual) have been entered into the “Tempora” microprocessor-based control unit.  One 3-bell tune is sounded every day at a programmed time in the afternoon.  There is also a midday angelus ring on the smallest bell.

The bells upon arrival from France into the Bagot Bell workshop

The new turret with the new bells in place

The church in its country setting