College bells for daily and ceremonial use

A college in Sydney required a bell or bells to give a voice to the campus. In a design to suit the position and dimensions of a turret on one of the buildings, Bagot Bell supplied two bells from Paccard, France, with weights 145 kg (note E) and 80 kg (note G). Support and accessory equipment (for electrical operation) were created at Adelaide workshop, including sprung suspension of each bell for shock isolation.
A "Tempora" microprocessor-based control unit commands the ringing. Start and end of school days are marked by a short 2-bell chime. An angelus ring on one bell is heard daily at noon. On special occasions the college can sound up to five short 2-bell tunes which have been selected from a 19th century French chimer's handbook.
Illustrations: Left -- tunes 4 and 5, showing different rhythms. Right -- the smaller bell in sprung suspension.